Why Hire An Architect

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Architect


An Architect has many years of education and training and is in the best position to design and manage your build project. Their education covers many areas, Including the building regulations, Development Plans & zoning laws, ergonomics, sustainability, law and many more. This knowledge along with experience allows an Architect to not only design a successfully functioning building but also ensure it meets all current regulations and guidelines.  At Stephen Carr Architects we are continually expanding our knowledge with research and CPD’s from various providers.


An Architect has a creative mind and has an imagination that allows them to combine functional spaces and aesthetically beautiful or interesting design ideas. Whilst designing we consider every aspect from the best construction method to where a socket will be needed to charge your phone. To continue their education architects are continually researching new materials and technology taking inspiration from around the world. This cutting-edge information, where appropriate, will be brought to you and your project.  Here at Stephen Carr Architects we are always pushing the envelope and look to bring new ideas to all of our projects.

Save Money & Time

Sure, an Architect is a professional and has the relevant costs. However, they can save you money in the long-term. Given their knowledge and experience an architect can foresee issues that could arise on any given project and will help you avoid them before they occur. Knowing these issues and solving them early will also save you time during construction. An architect can advise when a choice will result in a budget overspend and will be able to suggest an alternative that will be more suitable to you budget. As part of their service an architect will produce a full set of detailed drawings. These drawings can be priced giving you an accurate detailed and fixed costing before spending money on site.  At Stephen Carr Architects we continually work with Clients to achieve all their wishes in their project while keeping in budget and help their project to progress efficiently.


An Architect starts every project with a blank page and your brief. This means every project can be designed specifically for your needs and your lifestyle. There are many factors that need to be considered for each project; the site, the user, the budget, the brief, each of these are different for every job. An architect is a 3D problem solver and can bring all these items together to produce an original building that performs to all the needs for many years to come.  At Stephen Carr Architects we never reproduce or replicate a project for a client. All our designs are individual for each client to make their dreams a reality.


An Architect and a client grow to have a strong relationship as they are designing specifically for you. They will be your representative when dealing with other consultants and contractors and will be on site to deal with any issues that may arise, quickly ensuring that the build is completed in line with the design and reducing any delays or additional costs. Having an Architect on board allows you to be as involved with the build process as you wish without the pressure of needing to have the knowledge to answer all the questions and make decisions on things you may not have any experience of.  Stephen Carr Architects see ourselves as an extension of our clients. We strive to ensure their expectations and desires are met by not only our design but all contractors and consultants.


An Architect will produce both 2D and 3D drawings of the proposed design. They will present your design to you in a way for you to understand it completely. 3D images and Walkthroughs are a great media to be able to imagine your project when its complete, as many clients cannot understand 2D drawings. Being able to understand the design thoroughly will ensure that you are happy with every detail and give you the opportunity to make changes on paper reducing the risk of costly changes on site.  At Stephen Carr Architects our priority is to ensure you understand the design completely so that you do not have any surprises when the project is complete.

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