The Importance of Colour


Some people just seem to have a flair for colour. They understand intuitively how to put colours together in pleasing arrangements. Other people seem to have no idea and yet everyone responds to colour.  Colour is essential, seductive and pervasive.  Colour can be the key to entirely changing the mood in a space.  There is also an inescapable emotional aspect to colour. What is your favourite colour? What is in fashion? What colours create certain moods?  Did you know colours have a direct emotional effect on us? Hospital rooms, classrooms, fast food restaurants and offices are painted in colours to influence the behaviour and mood of the people who use these spaces. Red is an appetite stimulator and an eye-catching colour, which is why many fastfood restaurants use the colour red.  Below is an idea of how colour can work with our emotions.


Red: Symbolises happiness and contentment, emotion and passion. Reddish tones generate a sensation of heat and tend to visually advance towards you. As red softens towards pink, it seems more relaxed, friendly and feminine. Red also encourages your appetite.


Orange: A warm colour closely associated with autumn and the earth. Stimulating, spiritually optimistic and generates energy and happiness. Psychologically, it is animated, expansive, rich and extroverted. Oriented towards food and so often used in kitchens.


Yellow: Traditionally associated with intelligence. Colour of Spring, the sun, light, intensity and happiness and stimulates and animates. In its purest form, radiates heat and inspiration. Frequently used in children’s rooms. In China, it has always been a favourable colour.


Green: Colour of life and the silent power of nature. Has relaxing effect and qualities of stability, security and emotional balance. Associated both with envy and with love because it is the colour of Venus.


Blue: Colour of the spirit, the sky and water. Blue related to characteristics of nobility. Classified as a cool colour; can signify melancholy or sadness. Recommended for bedrooms or places of rest.


 Violet: Absorbs the passion of red and the spirituality of blue (secondary colour). Provokes both desire and aversion. Related to intimacy and sublimation and indicates profound sentiments.

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