Stone House


Stone House

The site is close to the Slaney estuary with views of the river from the north side and a sloped and heavily planted area to the south.


The house grows out of two interlocking circles which define both the interior and exterior spaces.  The circles extend into the surrounding wooded landscape, creating the borders for the pond and driveway and are identified by their treatment with render and stonework.  Internally the massive stone clad wall is carried through at ground floor level, defining the private and semi private areas of the house and creating an anchor for the vertical circulation.


The north and south elevations contrast in their use of materials.  The south elevation opens up to the landscape and employs light materials; zinc, glass, brise soleil, stainless steel railing, and the floating balcony. While the north elevation presents a solid façade penetrated only by the random openings on the rendered circle, the hanging zinc box and the apex of the balcony.


The project was completed in October 2005 and comprises 400 sq m.

Stone House
Stone House
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