Monart Poundbury UK

Monart Poundbury UK

The Royal Pavilion is the pinnacle building of Poundbury which is the brainchild of Prince Charles and has been under construction for over 25 years. The Royal Pavilion comprises of 20 luxury apartments and the Monart Spa Poundbury.
The Griffin Group engaged SCA to create the first Monart Spa outside Ireland after their huge success of Monart Destination Spa in Wexford. We took the ground floor of the building and created a unique day spa experience complete with a hydrotherapy pool, 7 treatment rooms, 6 heat experience rooms, a bright relaxation room, a dark relaxation room and a spa lounge. It was our intention to create a space which would be luxurious, timeless and restful with a sense of privacy to accommodate a maximum of 23 visitors. This has been achieved with the use of bespoke furniture, lighting, materials and colour which all combine to create a sense of calmness with a desire to explore and experience all the facilities.

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