Monart – 2022

In 2022 we were appointed to create a new scheme to update the bedrooms in Monart Destination spa. To us, no matter what the intervention, it was extremely important for the bedrooms to continue to embody the spirit of Monart – Relaxation, Luxury, Timelessness and Connection to nature. We chose neutral and natural tones throughout the bedroom scheme to bring warmth and create a soothing atmosphere ideal for total relaxation. The soft toned, textured wallpaper with leaf motifs surrounding the headboard acts as a connection to the nature surrounding the hotel. The gold arched floor lamp and bespoke green velvet armchair wrapped in soft leather provides the perfect place to curl up with a book and watch the light and shadows change across the garden. The plump cushions, custom gold wall lights with pleated green shades, wall panelling and natural ceramic lamps complete the space.

We also added some new items into the Spa area. The thermal suite plays host to a number of original art works by Irish artists bringing Intrigue and colour into the space. A feature piece in this space is a collection of giant bronze lily pads and lotus flowers. In the sumptuous dark relaxation room each relaxation bed is cocooned by an upholstered screen creating a quiet, secluded space to extend the relaxation following a treatment. The bright relaxation room is sensitively divided into spaces for couples, friends and solo guests with patterned screens echoing the ripples in the surrounding landscape. Here specifically designed luxurious leather and green velvet loungers invite guests to put their feet up and relax.

We are always delighted to be involved in any renovation projects in our previous projects to keep them updated, fresh and bring a new aspect to the scheme.

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