Bunclody Accommodation

With great pleasure, we are delighted to announce the notification to grant planning permission for Bunclody Tourism Accommodation. Our client proposes a new tourism accommodation building to attract and support visitors to Bunclody and the adjacent golf course. A broad range of leisure activities available around Bunclody combined with its history, places this project in prime position to attract weekend stays & a new international tourism market.



The proposed design has been very much influenced by the existing natural woodland and is in a unique position just two minutes’ walk from Bunclody Town Centre. In the interest of protecting where possible the scenic and natural environment, the design proposal had to consider in-depth the position, massing, footprint and overall architectural appearance of the building.



With a large floor space, the challenge was to integrate the building to create lightness and verticality much like the woodland. This was done by keeping the footprint small and using the existing levels on the site to our advantage. From numerous view points the building is intentionally designed to rise out of the ground resting on a lower platform and allowing the landscape to run right up. We are delighted with the final result.



“The roof overhang adds delicacy much like a tree branch or crown. We have taken this light canopy concept and designed large overhangs around the entire building mimicking the shaded canopy of a tree. To form a light building edge, a perimeter of tree trunks or solid timber poles wrap underneath the light structure of the roof. You will notice every second tree truck leans out giving another element of delicacy to this building”



Brendan Roche, Architect

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